Saturday, June 25, 2011



A            -      Adult, Audit, First Class
AC          -      Alternating Current, 
                       Ante Christum (Before Christ)
a/c.          -      Account
Acct.       -      Accountant
AD          -      (Anno Domini) in the year of our Lord
ADB       -      Asian Development Bank
AFP        -      Agency France-Presse
AG          -      Accountant General
                       Adjutant General
AGP        -      Accelerated Graphics Port
AIDS      -      Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome
ALGOL  -      Algebraic Oriented Language
A.M.I.E   -     Associate Member of Institute of Engineering
AM         -      Anti Meridian
                       Amplitude Modulation
ANERT   -      Agency for Non-conventional Energy and Rural  
ANN       -      Artificial Neutral Network
ANZAC  -      Australia New Zealand Army Corps
ANZUS   -      Australia New Zealand US (Pacific Pact Nations)
AOC       -      Air Officer Commanding
APCTT   -      Asian and Pacific Center for Transfer of Technology
APEC      -     Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation
ARPANET -  Advanced Research Project Agency Network
ASAP      -      as soon as possible
ASEAN   -     Association of South East Asian Nations
ASEM     -     Asia-Europe Meeting
ASLV     -      Augmented Satellite Launch Vehicle
ASSOCHAM- Associated Chamber of Commerce and Industry
AT & T   -      American Telegraphic and Telephone
ATC        -      Air Traffic Control
ATM       -      Automatic Teller Machine
                       Adobe Type Manager
ATP         -      Adenosine Tri-Phosphate
ATS         -      Anti-Tetanus Serum
AU          -      Astronomical Units
AVARD  -      Association of Voluntary Agencies for Rural 
AVRC     -     Audio Visual Research Center
AWACS  -      Airborne Early Warning And Control System

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