Saturday, June 25, 2011



A            -      Adult, Audit, First Class
AC          -      Alternating Current, 
                       Ante Christum (Before Christ)
a/c.          -      Account
Acct.       -      Accountant
AD          -      (Anno Domini) in the year of our Lord
ADB       -      Asian Development Bank
AFP        -      Agency France-Presse
AG          -      Accountant General
                       Adjutant General
AGP        -      Accelerated Graphics Port
AIDS      -      Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome
ALGOL  -      Algebraic Oriented Language
A.M.I.E   -     Associate Member of Institute of Engineering
AM         -      Anti Meridian
                       Amplitude Modulation
ANERT   -      Agency for Non-conventional Energy and Rural  
ANN       -      Artificial Neutral Network
ANZAC  -      Australia New Zealand Army Corps
ANZUS   -      Australia New Zealand US (Pacific Pact Nations)
AOC       -      Air Officer Commanding
APCTT   -      Asian and Pacific Center for Transfer of Technology
APEC      -     Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation
ARPANET -  Advanced Research Project Agency Network
ASAP      -      as soon as possible
ASEAN   -     Association of South East Asian Nations
ASEM     -     Asia-Europe Meeting
ASLV     -      Augmented Satellite Launch Vehicle
ASSOCHAM- Associated Chamber of Commerce and Industry
AT & T   -      American Telegraphic and Telephone
ATC        -      Air Traffic Control
ATM       -      Automatic Teller Machine
                       Adobe Type Manager
ATP         -      Adenosine Tri-Phosphate
ATS         -      Anti-Tetanus Serum
AU          -      Astronomical Units
AVARD  -      Association of Voluntary Agencies for Rural 
AVRC     -     Audio Visual Research Center
AWACS  -      Airborne Early Warning And Control System

Monday, June 20, 2011


 God lives in the heart of the poor
And looks intently at the rich
If they live for the poor

Where there's God
There you find yourself,
Where you find the poor and God
There you see God and see for yourself

Where you find the place of God
There you find the place of the poor
When you pray to God there for yourself,
Pray to God there for the poor
Then you see God there by yourself.

Thursday, June 9, 2011


Worries worry worries
They are carried in mind
 Sometimes we worry worries
They are furred  something of the kind

Don't worry about your worries
So, don't worry yourself
Don't worry others' worries
So, don't fail to avoid worrying yourself

It so, nothing would worry you
If not, something might worry you
On the whole, everything is a kind of worry
By the way, that's my worry