Friday, April 29, 2011

Who to keep

When times get hard
People make the mistake of letting others go
When really if they're important
You would trust they will stick around
Its those who'd give you their hand through fire
That are worth holding onto


They be yelled out..
Sung out, or written out
Its not the letters strung together
Its the emotion from within shooting-
That kills us all

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Everything has a fall back

My choice...
My pain..
In life....

If there weren't so many barriers
there would be so many unstopped...

If there weren't rules..
we'd question who let it get out of line..

If people weren't so fake
I wouldn't get punished for speaking my mind

Just the way we seem to be the cause..
to all the pain we feel..

And its my pain
i made the choice,
didn't acknowledge the little voice.. 

Get a feel

Knowing you were fire..
that you could burn
My heart still longed to get a feel
and its when i felt you that i knew
It was just heat in that heart
It was a mark left by me....

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

World Stats July - December

  1. In 1069 July American flag of 50 stars was intraduced
  2. In 1995 July the world glorious place Disny land was started
  3. July 16th 1969 in moon Apolo-2 satellite was sent
  4. In 1941 August Colombus discovered America
  5. In 1932 August BBC television was started. This is world greatest television.
  6. In 1928 September cartoon pesum padam was formed in New york and shown in cinema 
  7. In 1981 September world movable bullet train was introduce in Paris 
  8. In 1958 September the NAZA satellite explore location started in America.
  9. In 1879 October 21st Edisan lamp was discovered 
  10. In 1507 November one of the glorious drawing Monalisha drawing was drawn by Liyanado Davincy
  11. In 1926 December in black color snow rain was raining in France
  12. In 1719 December 28th Vaskodakama was ship traveling started 
  13. In 1909 December 31st Markony was rewarded 
  14. In 1915 December 31st Instin published the gravity

My Smile

When I smile
A smile is just another way of showing emotion
a smile is so many things
I smile when I’m happy
I smile when I am shy
I smile when I greet someone

But I also smile when I want to hide my tears

So look beyond my smile if you really know me
Because you’d think I’m happy all the time if you didn’t
A lot of times I’m just wearing this smile
Most of the time it doesn’t mean anything at all.

Monday, April 25, 2011

What is Love

 If you Love someone because you think that he or she is really gorgeous....... Then it's not love. It's 

If you Love someone because you think that you shouldn't leave her because others think that you shouldn't....... Then it's not love. It's 

If you Love someone because you have been kissed by her...... Then it's not love. It's 
'Inferiority Complex'

If you Love someone because you cannot leave her thinking that would hurt her feelings......... Then it's not love. It's

If you Love someone because you share every thing with her....... Then it's not love. It's 
If you feel the pain of the other person more than her even when she is stable and you cry for her........ That's 

Understand what is Love be for falling into it.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

World Stats Mar - June

  1. In March 1876 authority of telephone was received that was formed by Aleshander Graham bell
  2. In 1876 April Villiam Harvi was discovered the blood circulation
  3. In 1969 April artificial heart was replanted and got victory of operation
  4. In 1988 April artificially formed lamp 'Dolly' naturally of laid a lamp
  5. Scientist of Mary Query in 1903 May rays act sodium explorations was dedicated in Parish university
  6. In 1993 June India 'Pruthvi' satellite was sent in sky 

World Stats Jan - Feb

  1. In January 1950 FM Service was explored in America
  2. In January 1953 satellite 'Kashmic' was sent from Rasia
  3. In India January 1938 color cinema was published. It's 'Kishan Kanya'
  4. In February 1930 in solar series 9th satellite Flutto was explored 
  5. In February1953 the world 3D cinema was published

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

We light a candle.

When my worlds down
You ask why i am still smiling
Because of course
Its only in the dark
We light a candle


Be wise on how you blow your words
when you choose to bite your words
to keep them locked away
you may not make a friend
but when you think you've won
you've bound to have made an enemy

Monday, April 18, 2011

how do you know?

 What is it that word?
one may question those four letters
one whom can answer this question
Is never the one who knows.. 
just the one who has heard
because one who knows..
Knows that one must feel it to understand it,
that my darlin is the key to the four letters
and the math to make 143

Your Adore

In the stillness of the moment
all the fear of everything arises
This pain the heart seeks to adore
even while my entire being is dieing

It all begins...
to stir in my lids
my hearts worth dwells in my eyes
sliding down my cheek

To heal is to ask the question
direct them from the heart
seek to sense an answer
Fail my wits here
In the core of all pain is a fake identity
and all is need to mend this heart is your adore