Tuesday, April 26, 2011

World Stats July - December

  1. In 1069 July American flag of 50 stars was intraduced
  2. In 1995 July the world glorious place Disny land was started
  3. July 16th 1969 in moon Apolo-2 satellite was sent
  4. In 1941 August Colombus discovered America
  5. In 1932 August BBC television was started. This is world greatest television.
  6. In 1928 September cartoon pesum padam was formed in New york and shown in cinema 
  7. In 1981 September world movable bullet train was introduce in Paris 
  8. In 1958 September the NAZA satellite explore location started in America.
  9. In 1879 October 21st Edisan lamp was discovered 
  10. In 1507 November one of the glorious drawing Monalisha drawing was drawn by Liyanado Davincy
  11. In 1926 December in black color snow rain was raining in France
  12. In 1719 December 28th Vaskodakama was ship traveling started 
  13. In 1909 December 31st Markony was rewarded 
  14. In 1915 December 31st Instin published the gravity

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